Gifts & Clothing 


If you're on vacation or hunting in the north, don't forget the folks back home. Find gifts and souvenirs here, like high-quality sweatshirts and t-shirts for kids and adults, greeting cards, wine, beer, gourmet ground and whole-bean coffee. One stop and we've got you covered!

  • Sweatshirts, clothing, and sandals

  • Home and Yard decorations

  • Souvenirs and gifts

  • Kids toys such as stuffed animals and toy cowboy rifles

  • Groceries and beverages (wine, beer, liquor, and coffee grounds)

  • Coffee mugs and fine dining glassware

  • Candles

  • Greeting Cards

  • DVD Rental

  • Sportsman's Signs


We also offer quality cigars from our humidor. One of our most popular cigar line is our Mike's Baker's Dozen package of cigars which includes 13 different cigars for one low price.Stop on in today for all of your shopping needs!